Arjun Eye Centre

Eye Services have been part of Guru Nanak Mission Hospital, Jalandhar. Since its very inception. A full fledged department came into existence subsequently to cater to the needs of the public. The change to fledged description of Arjun Eye Centre is credited to the help rendered by Mr. Jagjit Singh Dale an NRI of London, UK. Who donated Re. One Crore in sweet and ever lasting memory of his respected father Mr. Arjun Singh Dale of Bolina Doaba in upgrading the already existing facilities. At present the centre has:
  1. Ophthalmic Chair Units for initial examination of the patient.
  2. Slit Lamps for detailed examination.
  3. Refraction Unit and Autorefractor for detecting any refractive error and prescribing glasses.
  4. Ocular mortality assessment is conducted with help of Synatophore, Maddox Wing and Rod, near Point Rule etc.
  5. Keratometer for coneal measurements.
  6. Every Patient after 40 Years of age is screened for glaucoma and doubtful with Direct Ophthalmoscope and Schiotz Tonometer, are confirmed with help of Applanation Tonometer and perimeter.
  7. Posterior Segment of the eye is viewed through Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Goldmann Three Mirror Contact Lens, 78 and 90 D lenses, B-Scan, A-Scan.
  8. Nd : YAG Laser is used for after cataract and some Glaucoma cases.
  9. For Treating and diagnosing Retinal conditions Flourescein Fundus Angiography and Green Laser is available.
  10. Biometer is used for calculating the IOL power.
  11. Set up for Contact Lenses.
  12. Non Contact Tonopachy
  13. Optical Coherence Tomography
  14. Spectromicroscope

For Surgical Work

  1. Operating Microscopes (Camera fitted).
  2. Phacoemulsifiers (for stitch less surgery and foldable IOL's)
  3. Vitrector (for vitreous surgery)
  4. Cryo Equipment etc are available.

Donations. S. Paramjit Singh an NRI of union city USA has donated Eye equipment OCTcosting worth Ruppes26 Lacs.

New Equipment is added subject to the availability of the finances. In addition to looking after the needs of those rural population. About 35 times a year this is pressed into service. Those who are in need of surgery or have any other treatable problem are brought to the centre for treatment.
Arjun Eye Centre
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Vision To Blind

Guru Nanak Mission Hospital (GNMH) is organizing free eye & medical camps for rural health care in the remote villages when the specialist doctors go to the door-step of the patients & restore sight to cataract blind at their sight. The surgery, lodging & boarding glasses are provided free of cost to the patients. Eye Mobile Van is very handy for holding these camps. These camps are sponsored by NRI's and local organisations.


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