Diagnostic & Therapeutic Facilities

  1. Whole Body M R I Scan
  2. Dual Slice CT Scan
  3. E.C.G.
  4. Echocardiography
  5. Stress Test
  6. Pulmonary Function Test
  7. Ultra Sonography
  8. Cardiac Monitors
  9. Evaluation Defibrillator
  10. Siemens Ventilator
  11. Laparoscopic Surgery
  12. Fibre Optic Endoscopy
  13. Colonoscopy
  14. Dialysis Unit
  15. Digital Fundus Camera
  1. Auto Analyzer & Cell Counter
  2. C-Arm for Orthopedics
  3. X-Ray 500 MA and Mobile X-ray
  4. Optical Coherence Tomography
  5. Spectromicroscope
  6. Phaco Emulsifier for Non-stitch Surgery
  7. Rigid and Foldable IOL implants
  8. A Scan for Posterior Segment
  9. Automated Perimeter
  10. Nidek Yag Laser for Treating Fundus Diseases
  11. Green Laser for Treating Fundus Diseases
  12. Physiotherapy Centre
  13. Fluorescein Angiography
  14. Color Droppler Acuson X 300
Super Delux AC Private Rooms are also available

Cardiac Care & Intensive Care Unit (ICU - CCU)

An Air Conditioned ICU of six beds is established for the treatment of critically ill patients. It is provided with all the monitors, defibrillators, Ventilators and all the other supportive measures as suction and oxygen supply. Specially trained nursing staff is allocated to the ICU and CCU for miraculous care of the patients.
Rising Services GRAPH
The hospital popularity is the daily out-patients attendance of 500-600 patients and the yearly statistics of the last three years for the hospital stay and operative work.


Our Patients
Indoor Patients








Servicing Available Round the clock

Emergency 24 hours
Ambulance Service at normal rates
Medical Stores open 24 hours
Lift services, Rehearse Van to carry dead bodies
Fluid and Light diets for patients
Langar (Free Food)
For Patients and attendants twice a day
Prayer for well being for patients

Immediate Diagnostic Requirements

Magnetom Essenza MRI Scanner siemens.
Approximate Cost - 5 Crore.

Kindly Donate Liberally For this Project
Diagnostic Care
OPD Wing TMT in progress

Diagnostic Care
Ultrasound Scan WingX-Ray  

Diagnostic Care
Operation Theatre Laboratory
Dialysis Unit for Kidney Faliure Management
The Dialysis Unit for Chronic Kidney ailments is in service for the last Seven Years. Initially to start with a Modern Dialysis Machine and ancillaries was donated by "Hospital Welfare Section Red Cross Jalandhar" The Charges are highly subsidized as compared to the local Private Institutions. The work load increased substantially. The GNMH has added two more Dialysis Machines to cops with the increasing demands.
Dialysis Care
Dialysis Unit
Establishment of CT Scan at G.N.M.H Jalandhar
The long requirement of Dual Slice CT Scan has been full filled by the concerted efforts of Chairperson Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable, Mumbai, Ms. Priya Dutt, M.P. in collaboration with Nurgis Dutt Cancer Foundation (Vancouver) Chapter Canada, Madam Manjit Kaur Johal, President, Mr. Balbir Singh Jawanda, General Secretary and all members have given financial help amongst others. This Dual Slice CT Scan is in service and was officially inaugurated by Ms. Priya Dutt, M.P. on 04 May 2011.
Dialysis Care
CT Scan of Patient in process
Establishment of New Dental Department at New Hospital Building
New Dental Department has been established in new hospital building and the same was inaugurated by Dr. Daljit Singh Cheema, the then Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab on 10 November 2011. New Dental Department has been equipped with modern dental equipment and infrastructure and managed by the highly qualified Dental Surgeons.
Dental Department
Modern Dental Department Dental OT

Vision To Blind

Guru Nanak Mission Hospital (GNMH) is organizing free eye & medical camps for rural health care in the remote villages when the specialist doctors go to the door-step of the patients & restore sight to cataract blind at their sight. The surgery, lodging & boarding glasses are provided free of cost to the patients. Eye Mobile Van is very handy for holding these camps. These camps are sponsored by NRI's and local organisations.


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